We are proud to bring you custom options to fit your needs. DTF transfers are perfect for the DIY project. Or let us do the work with ready made shirts!



Our UV printer is perfect for creating vinyl stickers, window decals, banners and more!


Custom Apparel

Let us help you with all your apparel needs! Custom items may be purchased by contacting us below.



Have an idea in mind? Let us help you bring it to life! Contact us for pricing and details.

  • Film Transfers

    Film transfers offer a variety of options for marketing. Durable and long lasting, these film prints are perfect for any fabric regardless of color.

  • Vinyl Prints

    Printed on clear or white backing, these UV prints are ideal for all occasions. Durable for outdoor use such as car decals, window displays and more!

  • Marketing Tools

    Get your business out there with marketing products such as stainless steel tumblers, shirts, bags, stickers and more. Let us help you grow brand awareness!


Let us give you a little more detail about our process...

What are Film Transfers?

Film Transfers are created with a DTF printer where the ink is printed directly on the film. It is then proccessed through the powder machine where the adhesive powder only attaches to the ink and excess powder is shaken off. Next, it travels through the heater where the powder is melted to the ink, creating an adhesive backing ready to press!

What makes UV printed vinyl special?

Typical printers use standard ink that is dried over time. UV printers are made with high quality UV ink that only dry when exposed to UV light. This causes an instant cure for a long lasting print. This process also allows for white printing! White ink prints or white ink backing that provide a solid print, no matter what color the decal is pressed against.

What promo items do I need?

Promotional items can vary based on the business you are in. We have plenty of ideas to help you get the most exposure for your money! Promotional items are a representation of your brand. You don't want to provide your customer with cheap items that reflect negatively on your business. Let us help provide high quality items at an affordable price.

How fast can my order be ready?

We understand the importance of a fast turn around time! We strive to complete your order in the fastest time possible. Each order will have it's own ready date based on the quantity and items purchased. We will disclose these times before you order!